LDF 2010…more preview pics!

Blow and Roll: Oskar Zieta


Zieta using compressed air to inflate the steel


Looking groovy at night!

The showcase installation in the Madejski Garden at the V&A (above). Clever to watch – Zieta has welded sheet metal, sealed the edges then pumped water, then air into the gap between the sheets to force the robot-produced shape into a custom and perfectly shaped 3D object. Here you can see him using compressed air to inflate the steel arms…..

‘Framed’_Stuart Haygarth


Festival Director Ben Evans with the bird’s eye view

Installed on the grand marble staircase leading to the Architecture Galleries at the V&A, Haygarth has constructed a cascade of discarded off cuts of picture frames and bespoke frame mouldings, spanning lengths of almost 20m over the staircase. Striking.

‘Drop’_Paul Cocksedge, being unwrapped outside the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank

Spin on the Southbank! Rotationally moulded plastic chairs by Heatherwick Studio. Inspired by Timpani drums and looking like they have come straight off a giant potter’s wheel, they’re stacks of fun!

A clear winner of the festival so far, and sure to put Heatherwick front of mind at the London Design Medal announcement tomorrow.