Day 2 blog – 100%Design,

Day Two

100%Futures: Daniel Emma

In amongst the throng on the way to the bar, or to Designersblock in the other direction, sit Daniel Emma. A part of 100%Futures, which showcases the best emerging creative talent from around the world, this young married couple from Adelaide are a delight to meet.

Taking pleasure in ordinary everyday things their collection ‘SOLID’ has made the humble object, be it torch or pencil box, look rather elegant indeed. Their collection is not going to change the world, lets face it, but you’ll have to trust me that the appeal is largely in how they feel. Weighty and tactile in the hand, you can’t help but fiddle about with them.

Winner of the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards, Emma won an internship with Marc Newson in Paris while Daniel worked at Committee, the studio in Deptford in southeast London famed for their quirky Kebab lamps. They are clearly going places and I don’t just mean to this year’s 100%Tokyo. Helped along by a grant from the Government of South Australia, and shortlisted for this year’s Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award, they are ones to watch.

100%Futures: Fukutoshi Ueno

Just across the way can also be found Queenslander Fukutoshi Ueno. Through his collaboration with renowned fashion designer Akira Isogawa, they have combined elements of the classic with the modern, creating CODE a piece of furniture referencing the traditional textile of the kimono but with a modern beautifully crafted form.

Made from so-called ‘heirloom woods’ these pieces are built to last, and it’s a nice contrast to some of the surrounding fashion-conscious, disposable products on show nearby. Sit on them, lean on them, use as a table or simply have on show, they’re neat and adaptable and if you like, available to buy in Australia in Living Edge.

Blueprint Awards 2009

Blueprint is the leading magazine for architecture and design and has been for over 25 yrs, so when they announce their annual awards it really is worth sitting-in. Announced in front of a full crowd armed with champagne and nibbles, the editor Vicky Richardson rather eloquently announced the winners in categories such as Best New Product, Most Promising Talent, Best Use of Materials and Best Exhibition Design.

To be honest it was difficult to judge for yourself, as there was no imagery presented alongside. You can check the winners out for yourself at Personally I think Robin Grasby’s multi-functional and adaptable desk should have won Best New Product, but who am I to argue with Blueprint?!

I am posting a number of other images of some of the terrific stuff on offer here this year. Look carefully for the sublime and simple embossed and hand-pressed calendars from Luscombe, a range of recyclable plastic product tops that can be added to your tin cans at home by Jack Bresnahan (brilliant!), and one of my favourites so far, the Unified Dining Table by Min Hoo. The table has its own detachable dining tray with an integrated set of tableware. Just lift up the tray after dinner, wash it down and replace it as it was, or upside down to form a tabletop! Sweet.